CSM Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage Monitoring (CSM) is focused on delivering state of the art environmental monitoring services to cold storage warehouses and distribution facilities. Our systems use innovative advanced wireless network technology to connect your cold storage equipment to our advanced data processing and analysis technology.


CSM announces new Energy Efficiency monitoring system

September 2009 CSM announces new Energy Efficiency monitoring system, which measures power useage and reduces energy consumption

CSM completes

June 2009 CSM completes merging of core product platform with international capability and functionality

CSM approved...

January 09 CSM becomes approved for distribution to supermarkets and warehouse facilities

Alpha phase testing on simultaneous...

April 08 CSM begins Alpha phase testing on simultaneous real-time tracking of US and international locations

CSM approved and Receives...

November 07 CSM software is approved and receives additional private funds to commence Beta phase testing on core product platform

Alpha phase testing

February 07 CSM Enters Alpha phase testing on core product platform

New Temperature Monitoring...

September 06 CSM commences work on novel new Temperature Monitoring and Logging Technology

CSM founded from technology

August 06 CSM receives technology from (PVT) Ltd., a leading developer of RFID and RF Telemetry devices for aerospace

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