CSM Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage Monitoring (CSM) is focused on delivering state of the art environmental monitoring services to cold storage warehouses and distribution facilities. Our systems use innovative advanced wireless network technology to connect your cold storage equipment to our advanced data processing and analysis technology.


Cold Storage Monitoring utilizes an industrial-strength wireless network with an in-office range of 300 feet (90 m), allowing placement anywhere in your facilities. Because our transmitters use advanced wireless network technology, they will not interfere or use bandwidth on your Wi-Fi telecommunications network.

With Cold Storage Monitoring's user-friendly interface, there is no need to learn or install complicated software- simply login and use your standard Internet browser. In the event of malfunctioning devices, we'll send automated alerts through multiple channels, including email, SMS or phone text. We'll then help identify and locate those faulty devices anywhere across the globe using our precise Location Tracker.

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