CSM Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage Monitoring (CSM) is focused on delivering state of the art environmental monitoring services to cold storage warehouses and distribution facilities. Our systems use innovative advanced wireless network technology to connect your cold storage equipment to our advanced data processing and analysis technology.


Cold Storage Monitoring offers wireless sensor probes that can measure temperature and humidity conditions in real time. Simply attach the devices to your equipment and monitor them using a standard Internet browser. All logging information is kept confidential and secure across multiple servers in disparate locations. Thus, no matter what the calamity, you are always aware of the status of your inventory and deliverables.

Our probe sensors can track a wide range of environmental factors to fit your needs, including temperature, humidity, pressure, pH, etc. The highlight of Cold Storage Monitoring is our intuitive, customizable, easy-to-use web-based software to oversee your laboratory and research facilities across the globe. Our analysis technology can distinguish between minor "soft" alerts (i.e. an open refrigerator door) and major "hard" alerts (air conditioning failure), in which case you'll receive a prompt message to ensure proper handling of all problems before they become serious.

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